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70 years....blessed.. Psalms 90:10

70 years blessed...When Jasmine and Aaron reached out about a surprise 70th birthday party for Aaron's mom, Frances, we decided to try something a little different, we decided to go into uncharted territory for Couture Love, although we had in the past created events called "Party in a box" for smaller groups we had never attempted to create and plan one for a larger group, 90 to be exact, who all by the way kept the party a secret! So before I go into the details of the "Party in a box" , let's get into some of the details of this gorgeously amazing party. First of all when we began to plan and style the party we toyed with a few theme ideas and settled on 70 years blessed, the first thing Jasmine said was I really like that theme, why'd we pick it and the only thing we both could think of was how in the bible we are promised threescore and 10... so Psalms 90:10 the bible promises 70 years....70 years...blessed. Frances being a fan of red, we decided to go with a bold palate of reds, black, golds and white to create a elegant party that was truly lady-like, also Frances is a huge fan of hats, so to incorporate her love of hats into the event, all guest were asked to wear a hat! Although we loved all the designs created for this party, several were my favs, including the guest of honor table with custom top hats!

Now that we've giving you some of the dibs on this elegant party let's get back to this "Party in a box" idea that I know you are dying to hear about....SO here goes..."Party in a box" is simply your vision....our expertise! Through a series of conversations we figure out the style, look, décor and timeline for your event....virtual planning in a sense. Once this is complete we began to put your event together one table and vendor at a time. This is sometimes achieved with short tutorial videos to ensure that even the smallest details aren't overlooked, such as how to fold a napkin or the proper way to set flatware for a place setting, it also included detailed photographs and videos of your centerpieces and other focal designs to ensure that you or whoever you choose to have set up has clear directions on how the overall event should look . And the greatest part is a lot of the items used we have on hand for your convenience and they are included for your use! We are also available the day of your event via phone or video to help ensure that the event is set up and runs smoothly according to the timeline as if we were their with you in person! Amazing huh! I know.. one things for sure this party in a box was a real hit!

Event Planning and décor: Couture Love

Venue: EJM Event Center

Photography: Wayne Saxton of Saxton Photography

Cake: Soul cakes by Tanya

Guest of honor attire: SLAY Couture by Jaz

Catering: The Grater Cater St. Louis Style Catering and Food Truck Co.

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