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Common “hidden” wedding cost

It’s Wedding Wednesday….

Let’s talk about a few of the most common “hidden” cost of weddings:


 One of the most frequently overlooked costs is postage. And let us be the first to say.. postage cost can add up fast. Depending on the weight of your engagement announcements and wedding invitations, you will need additional postage. So don’t expect one little stamp to do the trick. Postage can cost upwards of $2 and invitation. Keep this in mind when working with your planner, coordinator and stationary designer.

Delivery Fees

Many couples forget to watch out for delivery fees for rental items. People assume the cost of delivery is factored into the prices but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Depending on the number of items you’re having delivered, the vehicle used to deliver, or the number of employees needed to unload, delivery cost could add up quickly. Also, don’t forget that many rental delivery workers will likely expect a tip on top of the delivery fee!

Questions to Ask About Delivery Fees:

What are your delivery fees?

Is your delivery fee a flat rate or is it dependent upon volume (the number of items)?

Does your delivery fee change depending on the season?

Can I get an estimate for the delivery fee now?

Wedding Insurance

When the inevitable happens, you’ll want to be prepared. You’re not putting out any negative vibes into the universe by investing in wedding insurance. Trust me, you’re setting yourself up for success where many couples are caught off guard. Insurance protects you against weather, injury or other unforeseen circumstances like property damage, a no-show vendor that has to be replaced, stolen gifts, a damaged gown, etc. There are typically 2 types to look into – Liability Insurance and Cancellation Coverage. Sometimes you can get a bundle that includes both, but on average, you’re looking at approx. $200 for liability insurance that give you $1 mil of coverage for accidents, while a basic insurance policy that covers financial losses will probably cost between $200-500. We recommend travellers, wedsure, or wedsafe

Taxes and Gratuities

While taxes and gratuities aren’t

hidden, sometimes they may be omitted from informal quotes or in conversations you have with potential vendors. Whether it’s sales tax or required gratuity for your venue staff, it’s important to get a full quote for each specific vendor or service. Taxes can increase your total spend by a decent percentage depending on where you’re tying the knot, so don’t forget to request an all-inclusive quote from each vendor.

Questions to Ask About Taxes & Gratitude Fees:

* Does this quote include all applicable taxes and fees?

* Are there required gratuities for any of the services, and if so, can you include them in my official quote?


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