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"Once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"-Melissa Br

One year down....a lifetime to go....aren't Tim and Chelsea the most adorable couple, both serving in the United States military, Tim in the Army and Chelsea in the Air Force, respectively , On June 2, 2017 while attending Chelsea's Air Force graduation at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Tim had a major congratulations gift in the works, he'd decided that Chelsea's graduation would be the perfect time to propose!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surrounded by their closest family...she said yes... Tim and Chelsea became one........a year later, a few weeks after Tim and Chelsea's First Anniversary, their family decided to throw them a party to celebrate the love they share...... surrounded by love ones and friends from near and afar, the couple danced the night away surrounded by hues of lavender, soft lights, and subtle hints of sparkle and bling............ Staying true to who they are, family focused, faith based, and lovers of fun; Tim and Chelsea party included nods to their family roots by including a unique hand crafted card box from Chelsea's grandparents own nuptials,a beautiful toasting set from Chelsea's sister Brittany that included their original wedding date, and a timeless walk down memory lane of the couple, with photographs provided by Tim's mother Pearl............ Best Wishes Tim and Chelsea, thank you for your services in the armed forces and may your love continue to grow!

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