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In a room full of art...I'd still stare at you

Oh yeah, Oh yeah.............8/18/18

Don't you just love it when a couple picks a corky or symbolic date..... I know we here at Couture Love do. Then wedding of Elder N.M. Bassett and Lady Shawna Brown took place on August 18, 2018 surrounded by soft candlelight, touches of blush and blue the couple said I do. The couple wanted the day to be simple and beautiful with a touch of elegance much like their relationship. They wanted the concentration to be on them and their love for each other and their family, choosing to only invite a handful of close family and friends the couple danced the evening away to a live vocalist.... yes I did say a live vocalist who belted out her renditions of the couples favorite love songs, how elegant and romantic is that.....Yes 8/18/18 was truly a magical day for Elder and Lady N.M. Bassett

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